Boxing Gloves – Types and Styles

From the beginning of time hand to hand combat has been a form of entertainment. Today the most common form of hand to hand combat entertainment is called “boxing”. Some form of boxing appeared as early as six thousand years ago in Ethiopia and from there the sport made its way across the world. Through the sports history from time to time different societies said the sport was too violent and tried to ban boxing. In an effort to keep early boxing from being banned the sport became more refined and started using boxing gloves. Today through many changes in rules and regulations of boxing the thing that has stayed the same through all the years is boxing gloves.

The sport of boxing was added to the Olympics in 688 B.C., This is the first record of boxing gloves ever being used. The earliest boxing gloves boxing-gloveswere strips of leather wrapped around the participant’s hands. The modern day boxing gloves that we are used to seeing were invented by Jack Broughton an English fighter. Jack Broughton invented these boxing gloves at the time called “mufflers” to use in sparing cessions so that his sparring partners could practice without doing large amounts of damage to each other- other wise they sparred bare knuckled.

You may be asking – What are boxing gloves made of? The out side of a boxing glove called the “skin” is commonly made of top grain tanned leather from cowhide or goatskin but cheaper gloves use vinyl as the skin. The inside of the gloved called “padding” is normally made of high density polyurethane, cotton, nylon taffeta, and (PVC) foam. The boxing glove is stitched together with nylon thread.

Know that you know what boxing gloves are made of – Let’s find out how they work? For safety purposes the main design in the boxing gloves were padding. It was important for padding material to help absorb some of the blow or strike to the opponent. For the padding material to work properly it would need to absorb energy by compressing. The more the padding compresses the more energy it could absorb but if it compressed to much the padding would not be useful and would become a thin layer unable to properly absorb the blow.

What’s happing with boxing gloves today? For the most part boxing gloves have changed very little over the past decade. Even though the first boxing gloves were made of leather mitts with very little or no padding at all – the difference is today’s boxing gloves have more padding.