Bag Boxing Gloves

One of the many glorious pieces of equipment that has come about since boxing is the punching bag. Punching bags are very durable bags made to withstand many repeated punishing blows. For martial arts training such as Karate, Mixed Martial Arts, Kickboxing, Taekwondo, and Muay Thai – free standing bags and heavy bags are a necessity in order to improve striking maneuvers along with the traditional punching that comes from boxing. The punching bag is one of the fundamental pieces of workout equipment for any boxer in their training. So with the punching bag come bag boxing gloves.

Now you may be asking – can’t they just wear their normal boxing gloves – yes they can. But sometimes bag boxing gloves can be more practical for the workout they are doing on the punching bag for instance – if you wanted to protect your hands but wanted the same work out as if you were bare handed. The bag boxing gloves would do just that.

While still protect your hand the bag boxing gloves would prevent your hand from sliding across the surface of the sometimes leather, vinyl, or canvas punching bag all those surfaces if your hand were to slide across the bag at the speed of a boxing strike that would damage the outer skin of your hand. The damage could be as serve as a really bad rug burn or even worse like pulling full layers of skin off your hand.

Bag boxing gloves are normally a mitt made only of a single layer of leather or vinyl used to protect just the hands from slipping across surfaces that would cause burns. Bag boxing gloves should never be used for sparring sessions where you would be striking an opponent – that would be like fighting bare handed.