Everlast Boxing Gloves

When you say the words boxing gloves – “Everlast” is almost the first thing that’s come to mind. Believe it or not that wasn’t how it always used to happen. Actually in the early 1900’s the only thing Everlast was associated with was swim wear. Everlast has come a long way in the last hundred years from being a small retail store in the Bronx to the worlds leading supplier of boxing gloves know as the “Everlast Boxing Gloves.”

The Everlast company has become a name all encompassing with the boxing world especially with its Everlast boxing gloves being worn by almost every famous pro fighter from Jack Dempsey who won the world heavy weight title in 1919 wearing the Everlast boxing gloves making them famous to Mike Tyson who some have considered to be the human embodiment of boxing.

The Everlast company is known for being the leader in durability, excellence and quality of design throughout all of its products. The Everlast boxing gloves line includes training gloves, bag gloves, professional fight gloves, mma gloves, USA boxing amateur gloves, and speed bag gloves. With this series of high performance Everlast boxing gloves you will be prepare for any and all training routine you can come up with.

Now almost a century since the beginning of in all, in 2000. The Active Apparel Group (AAGP) bought the Everlast brand and in 2007 Everlast Worldwide Inc. was bought by Brands Holding Inc. You can now find Everlast boxing gloves in over one hundred countries.

During this century the original company has swapped hands many times, but the dependability and quality of the Everlast brand will live on forever as foreshadowed by the name bestowed on it close to a century ago with a young mans vision.