Kickboxing Gloves

If you have an interest to practice martial arts than you should expect to spar with one or two opponents. In order to do this effectively you need to purchase for yourself a sturdy pair of kickboxing gloves. Many of the best fighters who practice different types of boxing – including the more popular Thai boxing – use these gloves that help to protect their hands and their opponents’ face.

Thai Boxing Gloves

Kickboxing also known as Muay Thai to some has a deep rooted past in Thailand. The beginning history of Thai Boxing comes from accounts of Burmese war between Burma and Thailand during the 15th century. Nai Khanom Tom the most famous of all kickboxers – has a national holiday in Thailand named after him – was a prisoner of war in Myanmar and received his freedom by defeating twelve Burmese warriors (in one day) in a row without any moments of rest. This historic fight took place in front of the Burmese court.

The “Tiger King” Phra Chao Seua – a Thai King who made Thai Boxing the national sport – helped the new national sport grow by promoting prize fights and training camps. During that time there are accounts of huge wagers and fights to the death. During this time contestants would wrap their hands in horsehide giving each punch maximum impact while keeping the fighter hands and knuckles safe just like our kickboxing gloves today do.

Kickboxing may not be the brutal sport today it was back when it began – but the sport of kickboxing is still popular around the world. With many rules and regulations keeping the sport safe for all of its competitors. Today the fighters wear kickboxing gloves instead of thick horsehide.

There are many companies out there today that sell kickboxing gloves of excellent quality like – Century, Title, Grant, and Ringside. These companies sell the highest quality products on the planet which makes them the first place to look for kickboxing gloves. A pair of kickboxing gloves will run between $30.00 to $150.00.