Pink Boxing Gloves

With women entering the wide world of boxing several of the worlds largest boxing supply companies like Century, Title, Grant, and Ringside have added a more famine line of boxing gear to their product lines like – women’s boxing gloves, women’s training gloves, women’s bag gloves, women’s mma gloves, women’s fight shorts, and women’s Muay Thai shorts.

But the most famous of all these new products for women are pink boxing gloves. Along with other pink boxing gear like – pink gear bags, pink bag gloves, pink head gear, pink mouth pieces, and pink boxing apparel – pink boxing gloves are the most popular among new women boxers who’s gear bags are not complete without a pair.

But don’t think the only difference between these new pink women’s boxing products are the colors and that they are the same products that men wear. These new pink boxing items are especially designed with the women’s interested in mind. The pink boxing gloves are designed to meet the needs of a women’s unique body that normal boxing products don’t.

You can find pink boxing gloves at almost any boxing equipment or martial arts supplier. But the best places to look are at Century, Title, Grant Boxing, and Ringside. A pair of pink boxing gloves will cost you around $15.00 to $50.00.