Women’s Boxing Gloves

Women have been fighting for their rights in every arena you can think of and in most of these battles have won the right to have equal rights as anyone else. From certain types of jobs like business management and military rank and positions but, did you know they even had to fight for their right to fight – in the ring of course?

Even thought boxing has been around in some form for centuries – women’s boxing has only been round for the last decade or so, in the U.S. With women entering the boxing world – this caused many other changes in sporting goods companies coming out with lines of products tailored towards women’s needs – especially boxing gloves. These new Women’s Boxing Gloves have been tailored towards women’s needs in many ways from appealing color (pink), to special glove design and hand wrist support for women.

All of this first came about when Dallas Malloy in 1993 challenged the U.S. boxing bylaws in federal court. It had been Malloy’s dream to box in the Olympics. This goal would only be achievable if she became a member of U.S. boxing. Only a couple of months after challenging the U.S. boxing bylaws Judge Barbara Rothstein Gave Dallas Malloy a court ordered injunction allowing her to box temporally until the case could go to trail. Dallas Malloy and her opponent boxer would be the first two women boxer to compete against each other in a sanctioned amateur fight in the U.S.

No women’s boxing gear bag is complete without a pair of women’s boxing gloves. You can get women’s boxing gloves for many different boxing supply companies like – Century, Title Boxing, Grant Boxing, TKO, and Ringside. A pair of women’s boxing gloves will cost around $15.00 – $50.00. If you are in the market for women’s boxing gloves try a pair of pink boxing gloves.